Glossed Over

15% of Indigenous communities in Canada STILL don't have clean drinking water. To draw attention to this issue, we worked with Indigenous-owned beauty Brand Cheekbone Beauty to create a lip gloss collection made using contaminated water from 3 Indigenous communities across Canada. 

To go beyond awareness we partnered with Sephora Canada who agreed to donate all proceeds from Cheekbone sales during June to Water First - a non-profit working to help communities solve the water crisis.


The 3 "flavours" were each based on a different kind of contamination affecting Indigenous Canadian communities.

E. Coli - Neskantaga First Nation,

Mercury - Grassy Narrows First Nation

Lead - Cowichan Tribes of B.C.


We launched on social for Indigenous history month, sending out our box sets to beauty influencers and even politicians, asking them the question "would you put it to your lips?"

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This project started as a proactive idea that I cooked up with my partner, before we pitched it to Cheekbone, Sephora, and Water First. I was involved in every step of the process and fought at every stage to keep this idea alive. I'm incredible proud of the work we produced and the impact that it has had. (2022)

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